DesTynNee Realta (destynnee) wrote in altbbw,
DesTynNee Realta

Hello and Good Day

I am Danielle,
There's not really a lot one needs to know about me. I am a Open Soul, a Sister, a Lover, and even a Slave. I am my own person. I'm not very girly, but I do like some makeup and dresses eps prom and wedding dresses. I have two prom dresses right now that I just love i wear them all the time to work when I feel good and my Endo is not acting up to much. I also like to get dirty and wear jeans, t-shirts, and just chill.

I am a Punk, have OCD with being clean and sticking to a schedule, Bi, Goth, Open, Endo laiden, Normal and Freakish all in one, the Know-it-all Whore, and the Innocent Virgin. Like I said I am me, Love me, Hate me... But do not fault me for being who and what I am, as I will not you. Be your selves, never let anyone else tell you what you are. Every once in awhile get drunk and puke on your friends, then they have an excuse to do the same thing to you, or even better do something unexpected for someone you love and care for more than anything else in the world. I am a snuggler, a artist, a wanna be mother to my 3 neices and 3 nephews who I have helped raise.

I have really good days, and really bad days. Like everyone does, but mine can be really bad sometimes because of the Endo. But, I try to make the best of each day either sketching and painting (I need to get some of my art work in my journal so that I never have to worry about losing it) or seeking a photographer who will work with me to help me get my wanna be modeling career off its feet. Me ex took some pics of me before it ended. I have posted some of them to my journal, I need to get some of the other really good ones on here as well. I think I look soooooooo perfect in them. He could make me feel so sexy, yet so little sometimes. Ah, we live we learn huh?

Anyway, that is me. :)

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